The Journey Sessions Podcast

Becoming Love

May 21, 2023 Sarah Trapkus Season 1 Episode 11
The Journey Sessions Podcast
Becoming Love
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 11!

Love is our natural, true state - and it has been conditioned and programmed out of us. Trauma and the separation from self has led to many of us forgetting that we ARE love and this energy is made to move into and through us as us.

On today's episode I talk about the Journey of healing we take in the remembering that we are indeed, Love.

The first is with ourselves and our capacity to notice where we've internalized the message that we are not deserving of love and make the shift to witness and hold any parts that have been denied love.

The second is being seen, held, witnessed and reflected by those around us who we are win relationship with that are safe. Often the relationships we are in, even the closest ones, are reflecting our own capacity to love ourselves and therefore can only see us as much as we are willing to see ourselves. Notice when you accept and love all your parts if the people around you can too.

Finally, it is in the expanded spaces of your life where you can't control who or what is present and their ideas opinions and stories about you that you can notice your capacity to Be Love. When you live through the lens of Love you're not impacted by anyone else's lack of love. You don't experience it - however everyone does get to experience you and your expression as love.

Enjoy this episode and the attunement of love in the Journey at the end. 

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