The Journey Sessions Podcast

Listening to Life

May 07, 2023 Sarah Trapkus Season 1 Episode 10
The Journey Sessions Podcast
Listening to Life
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 10!

Join Sarah as she explores how we can open up to life's messages and discover what may be getting in the way. She shares her experience of pivoting and personal transformation and how stepping into the unknown can be both scary and empowering. Learn how to reorient and return to your body to open up your listening capacity.

> 5:45 The Power of Pivot
"When you're listening to life and  tuning to this energy in your body you open up to what it wants  for you in each and every moment"

> 12:51 The Limitations of Thought Work
"There's feelings work. There's desire work. There's manifestation work. There's the moving into the unseen."

> 17:05 Expanding Body Awareness for Life Guidance
"You already have a relationship with life."

> 17:05 Embracing Authenticity
"I'm here to remind you that being you and doing the things that feel like you is the greatest achievement  because that's actually living"

> 22:59 The Journey

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