The Journey Sessions Podcast


April 23, 2023 Sarah Trapkus Season 1 Episode 9
The Journey Sessions Podcast
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 9!

In this episode of the Journey Sessions podcast, we dive deep into the concept of alignment and its connection to our desires, experiences, and expressions.

I share a personal story about embracing reality and how I've moved from experiencing anxiety in unfamiliar situations to living in alignment with my desires.

We explore the process of being in alignment moment to moment and discuss how staying present with ourselves can lead to a more fulfilling and flowing life. We will journey into our current state of alignment and shift it to accommodate our desires.

> 8:25 Inviting Into Your Life
"You just have to decide for yourself; is this for me? Is this going to invite me into a place of expansion and integration where I can have further alignment in my life? Or is this gonna take me out of that? You have to decide"

> 11:22 The Biological Influence of Alignment
"Your nervous system is actually wired to have that experience because your capacity for alignment is only at a certain place. Biology influences behavior and behavior reinforces biology."

> 22:09 Living in Alignment
"You can predict how things are going to roll out."

> 25:13 Restoring Flow Through Stillness
"There needs to be a point of stillness to notice what's happening and to get clear on all this, to clear on your desires, to get clear on your experience that you want."

> 29:26 The Journey

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