The Journey Sessions Podcast

Letting Go

April 09, 2023 Sarah Trapkus Season 1 Episode 8
The Journey Sessions Podcast
Letting Go
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 8!

Deep dive into the topic of letting go and explore the differences between surrendering, letting go, and giving up. As we navigate through the layers of our emotional and physical experiences, we're invited to consider what we're holding onto and what is no longer serving our growth. 

In this episode we will: 

  • Discuss the importance of emotional dexterity and staying attuned to our emotions, energy, and body
  • Discover the transformational power of self-reflection
  • Locate and release the layers of energy that no longer serve us
  • Open ourselves up to new possibilities and growth.

> 06:53 - Letting Go
“There's something here for all of us that gets to just be dropped.”

> 12:58 - This isn’t giving up
“You get to a point where you're willing to sit with the tension,  move through it and move on without carrying the old, familiar weight. “

> 14:49 - Growth
“Some of the greatest growth comes from being willing to look at the places where you've been bullshitting yourself.”

> 17:56  - The power of letting go
“ You've been doing the work. Now, you just get to let it go."

> 20:23 - Stay attuned to our bodies
“Understand that what you're letting go of are layers of energy that has been embedded in your physical body”

> 25:24 - How we fit in life’s system
"Letting go and doing things differently is disruptive, it's disorienting, but it's how we stay ALIVE"

> 26:37 The Journey

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