The Journey Sessions Podcast

Creating A New Container

March 26, 2023 Sarah Trapkus Season 1 Episode 7
The Journey Sessions Podcast
Creating A New Container
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 7!

You are always creating containers - and when you're aware of how to create them in a way that feels more purposeful, aligned and embodied the container will be a safe, sacred place for all. 

In this episode today I riff on the process I move through in the creation of any container. I weave in the example of a container I am currently creating for a new program that is so dear to my heart. However, you may be  creating a container within your family, friend group, community or personal relationship. It's not just in work or business spaces. 

I touch on the different stages:

  • Desire
  • Higher Power Support
  • Creating the container in your body - first
  • Becoming the container
  • Sharing the container

A container can be both a tangible or intangible space in this 3D realty created to hold  any number of people for a specific purpose and outcome.

> 9:20 "When you're attuned to your desires you're accessing a higher energy that comes in to support you in  creating the new container."

When you create from what it true to your Heart - and not from a should or need to - you have the unyielding support of a higher power. You're not creating this alone, you have infinite wisdom and grace behind you.

> 12:20 "You want to create the container first in your body where you receive the energy, tap into the intention and purpose and feel the impact it will have."

You Are The Container. There is a big difference between inviting others into a space that you created in your mind vs a space that you ARE. Notice the difference.

> 19:40 "Your container is a portal."

We are past the time when it's useful to share information that has been regurgitated and is simply repeated in your voice. As we embody and access deeper truths - it's imperative that you share from this place. You're not just inviting others to receive your words - you're giving them access to infinite wisdom and energy through your words and your space.

> 23:52 "You don't want to create a container that convinces or manipulates people to join. You want to become the essence of what you're inviting others to experience through you - and ultimately hold with you as well."

Creating a container that others join isn't because you know and they don't and you have to impart knowledge on them. They bring just as much - and in opening up your container you're also inviting them to hold it with you. This is the point. To unify, collaborate and share what opens up in this space. We are shifting from a power over to a power with dynamic and this needs to be present in the containers we're creating.

> 32:00 The Journey

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