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February 26, 2023 Sarah Trapkus Season 1 Episode 5
The Journey Sessions Podcast
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 5.

Boundaries are a big topic - and today I am offering my unique lens on why we need them and how to set them up in a way that makes the biggest impact on your life and the desires you're here to live.

On this episode I share more around:

  • How you may misuse boundaries and how this interrupts the exact life experiences you need to have to step into more
  • What needing to enforce boundaries indicates and the internal shift you're invited to make so you don't actually need to lean on your boundaries
  • How shifting and learning to embody a higher energy + stepping into a new identity is the EXACT place where boundaries are a non-negotiable
  • How to detect the people pleasing tendencies you have that are subconsciously impacting your ability to make clearer boundaries in your life

> 2:22 - Boundaries start as an energetic internal knowing
"The more clear we are with ourselves - the more we become more aligned to what is for us and the less we actually have to use our boundaries."

> 4:05 - Misusing Boundaries
"How do you know if you're not actually allowing the experiences to come through that you need right now ...  knowing that you're always moving forward and moving into your desires?"

> 7:15 - Your Desires set your boundaries
"The clearer I am around my own desires ... the clearer I am around what I am or am not available for. Boundaries in this way are in place to protect my truest, deepest needs + desires"

> 14:58 - Undoing people pleasing is the ongoing work in setting boundaries
"In energy move up the spiral, you're going to be taken down more deeply into the root."

27:53 The Journey


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