The Journey Sessions Podcast

The Persecution Wound

February 12, 2023 Sarah Trapkus Season 1 Episode 4
The Journey Sessions Podcast
The Persecution Wound
Show Notes

This is a really big topic that impacts so much around how we hold back in our lives.  Today I’m touching on how the Persecution Wound shows up as you’re pulled and inspired to become more self express through spoken or written word.  This is just a sample of how this wound has manifested.

Your voice is important. What you have to say matters. The impact you’re here to have is medicine for the collective - and so is what you have to move through to break through and into the absolute freedom of being fully self expressed. 

The Persecution Wound is a collective wound. It’s bigger than you. That’s why opening up to sharing your truth + what you know feels so hard. This episode is to help you identify and move through the places where you feel stuck, activated or even alive. There are tips for what to do at each stage so that together we can heal this ancestral wound and help all our brothers and sisters experience the freedom to fully be themselves. 

> 3:13 Who this is for

“if you’re being pulled to express and you feel resistance, fear or blocks - this is part of your Journey - to move through this Persecution Wound.”

> 7:40 The stages of The Persecution Wound

> 8:57 The emotions you have to be willing to feel on this Journey

> 12:30 The Stage of Silence

“Silence is experienced as an internal turmoil of what you want to express and the immediate self shaming that shuts it down.”

>16:45 What you can do at this stage

“ Take a nice deep, safe look at what the beliefs are around you being expressed”

>19:45 The Stage of Scared

“This is a very important, powerful phase where all the undoing and relating happens. be scared as you express. This is where you know you’re doing it right”

> 27:08 What you can do at this stage

“You have to balance the doing of expressing with the doing of integrating”

> 30:08 The Stage of Expressed

“When you’re expressed you’re free. You believe the energy that is moving through you and you allow it as a beautiful, sacred journey.”

> 36:04 What to do at this stage:

“Notice how it really feels to be in the energy of expressed + deepen into this to create more experiences of being expressed.”

38:00 Transition into the Journey

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