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Non Attachment

January 29, 2023 Sarah Trapkus Episode 3
The Journey Sessions Podcast
Non Attachment
Show Notes

In this Episode Sarah invites you to  look at what creates attachment and how you can experience non attachment. She will talk about desire, belief, embodiment, trust and knowing. She will also pose 6 powerful questions to help you uncover your attachment and move past old stories and programming to reach a non attached state. You will be invited to Journey into a Desire you have and notice what the attachments are and how they feel in your body.

Defining what Non Attachment is:

> 2:12 “Non attachment is a result you experience when you know that what is for you is coming to you, period”

Many of us in the coaching world are taught to ‘Building Belief’, however there is an often overlooked component to how this works to serve what you desire. What if belief can only be built when it’s upon the foundation of true inner knowing?

> 4:44 “When belief is kept as a mental construct and not as an embodied truth, it reinforces attachment ”

I pose 3 questions to guide you through this idea of non attachment I’m presenting here today. 

The first is: Is This For Me?

> 6:39  “Your why is ALWAYS the deeper reason for what you’re calling in”

Sarah shares a deeply personal example around a long time desire that didn’t unfold how she thought it would: AKA attached to - and what powerful wisdom and truth came through from seeing this and moving into non attachment.

The second is: How am I attached to how this is supposed to look?

> 19:56 “You have to challenge the automatic programming that has taken Your Unique Desire and shoved it into a collective mass of mediocrity.”

Sarah shares 3 additional questions here:

  1. What are your automatic assumptions around how this is supposed to look?
  2. What box are you unintentionally fitting into because it feels safe and reasonable?
  3. What do you REALLY want? What lies beyond what is acceptable and expected of you? What do you really, really want?

Attachment is only a problem if you’re unconscious to it. So when you notice it,  let it be an invitation into your automatic beliefs, stories and programming.

> 24:39 “If you’re experiencing attachment this indicates that you’re believing something is true for you - that isn’t”

The last Question is: What does being non attached FEEL like?

29:20: Transition into the Journey


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