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Your Desire Isn't Selfish

January 15, 2023 Sarah Trapkus Season 1 Episode 2
The Journey Sessions Podcast
Your Desire Isn't Selfish
Show Notes

Episode 2: Your Desire Isn't Selfish

Today I'm helping you unravel the belief that it's selfish to live from your True Desires. Actually, the opposite is true. When more people are living from the truth of their heart and soul - more people are given permission to live from the truth of their heart and soul. Will there be a lot to unravel? Yes. Will it sometimes feel hard? Yes. Will it mean life circumstances may have to change? Yes. This is what it looks like to step away from the "should's" and "have to's" and into what is pulling you from your core. And in the face of the changes, discomfort  + the unknown - there are immeasurable gifts for everyone around you if they choose to look deep within themselves. 

Let's start here: There is a HUGE difference between True Desire and false desires.  

> 9:43 “true desires stay hidden from us the more we succumb to false desires”

There are 3 places you may find yourself on your journey in desire work: Being Replenished, Having Purpose, Living Your Desires. Each of these takes you deeper into yourself + reveals more about the life you're currently living.

> 17:54 “you may be on the edge of leaping into living your desires, but right now you're looking at your life + can't see how you can shift into this”

> 18:16 “If you're a YES to the limitlessness of living your desires, but parts of your life are a no - you have to decide if these parts are capable of coming along with you”

You may have to undergo a paradigm shift in order to step into living your desires - this is part of your journey - and the journey of everyone and everything in your life.

21:06 “A paradigm shift is an undoing one way of being and living + completely restructuring to create a new way of being and living.”

23:00 Transition into the Journey

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