The Journey Sessions Podcast

Manifestation and This Present Moment

December 27, 2022 Sarah Trapkus Season 1 Episode 1
The Journey Sessions Podcast
Manifestation and This Present Moment
Show Notes

Today I'm sharing all about this present moment, why expanding your capacity to be in this present moment is the key to noticing and allowing aliveness and how this is linked to manifestation.

You’re going to explore what takes you out of this present moment and the importance of making the deeper shift out of this habit. You’re invited to really tap into the power and energy here in this present moment + notice how the action you take from this place creates the experience you desire to have. This inevitably creates a life of desire, pleasure, purpose and power. This is Manifestation.

This episode will conclude with a journey where you’re invited into your body and notice where the space of this infinite present moment exists, what’s blocking you from being here more and what happens when you shift this.

Take Aways + Timestamps:

> Why the present moment and what does this have to do with Manifestation?

3:20 “aligned action happens in the moment you notice the aliveness that wants to move through you”

> So if this present moment is so powerful, what keeps us from staying here?

5:22 “We don’t have to spend a majority of our time outlining and structuring some future reality that we have to somehow figure out how to get into. This is a framework that has been constructed by toxic masculine culture”

> Everything we need is available to us in this present moment. Everything. Including the ongoing invitation to live more and more in it.

10:05 “It’s your capacity to notice, allow and receive the wisdom from Aliveness that will determine how much of it you’ll bring forth.”

> And it’s right here where you bring aligned energy and action and desire together

11:45 “As you expand your capacity for this present moment - you expand your capacity for Aliveness. And it’s Aliveness that makes you magnetic - this is what draws your desires to you.”

> This present moment also holds the answer to everything that is in the way of you receive what is truing to come to you

12:40 “Your work isn’t trying to figure out “the how” it’s undoing everything that’s in the way of what is trying to come to you.”

16:15: Transition into the Journey

Take it Deeper with Integration Questions:

  1. Where in your body is the infinite present moment? What is the quality like here? What do you notice in this space?
  2. What is the wisdom this space has for you right now? What do you need to know about claiming this space and living from it in a bigger way?
  3. What is The ONE thing (event, experience, belief, thought …) that’s infringing on your ability to be more present here? What are you being shown? Is there a knowing or an image?
  4. If this was no longer infringing on your ability to be more present here, what would this be like? What opens up for you when this block is removed? Describe how this feels in your body; the aliveness, the energy.

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